Thursday, 9/23/10 11:00 - 1:00

Jumpstart: Effective Telephone Techniques


One of the biggest obstacles people have in getting more networking meetings is picking up the phone and making effective calls to schedule those meetings.


The featured topic of this next session is; Telephone Techniques.

What if you could discover ways to make it easier to pick up that 500 lb phone?

What if you had phone scripts on what to say?

What if you had the techniques to be much more effective on the phone?

What if you could make 50, 60 or more calls in a day?


Kick your networking up a notch and come out and learn these easy to use tips.


Cost: $25/month (or two sessions).  Contact John Bayley at to reserve your spot.



Sage Rutty & Company - Seminar Room
100 Corporate Woods, Suite 300
Rochester, New York  14623